Old Zion Church Anniversary Service Celebrates 75 Years

The 75th Old Zion Church Anniversary Service will be held Sunday, September 9 at 4 PM.  Old Zion Church is located on Reifsnyder Road in Brickerville just north of Brubaker Valley Road.

The Anniversary Service first began as a Homecoming Service during the Second World War in 1943.  Today it continues as an opportunity to step back in time.  The service will include elements of a German Reformed Church service in the 1800’s.  Traditions of this service include the chance to sings along with hymns played on a pump organ led by JP Welliver, organist and choir director of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Penryn.

Richard Martin, author, descendant of a charcoal burner at the Mount Hope Furnace in Lancaster County, and a tour guide at Cornwall Iron Furnace will speak about a colonial stove in the church that is similar to what could have been found there during the 1800’s.

Lemonade and cookies will be served on the lawn following the service.  All ages are welcome.  As summer days begin to set in September, please join in this once a year bit of history, and music at Old Zion Church, Brickerville.  www.oldzionchurch.org

Welcome to Old Zion Church, Brickerville PA. Old Zion Church began in 1747 as a log cabin. Old Zion, a German Reformed Church where farmers and land owners of the Brubaker Valley would gather for worship when the traveling pastor visited became the current brick building 1813.

Today Old Zion Church represents our heritage and our future. Since 1958 a volunteer Board of Directors has maintained and preserved the cemetery and church building. The church is available for special occasion rentals and special events that support the preservation of Old Zion.

Looking over the still agrarian Brubaker Valley, Old Zion Church offers time to reflect and appreciate simplicity and beauty that is often overlooked in present day. Explore our website to learn more about our special events and this unique historic site.

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